How It Is Being Done And
What You Can Do About It"


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Please send this link to all your friends and associates who care about the grim state of the world.  They need to know what is written here.


If you really want to help, then it is your duty to do all you can to alert, inform, persuade, and teach others who are not as well informed as you are.


This book is an encyclopedia of the vital data that you and your friends need to know if you want to understand what is really going on in the world.


Many many references and links are given which prove that the real truth is very different from the useless drivel you find in newspapers and on TV.


Many heroes have dedicated their lives to making known what goes on behind the scenes.  Here are many links to the work of such heroes.


The connections between politics and religion and philosophy are revealed here.  No one can understand politics without understanding its religious and philosophical background.  Western Civilization is based on Christianity and on "rationalism".  Karl Marx heavily attacked Christianity and falsely claimed to be "scientific".  Christian morality and Marxist morality are mortal enemies.  What is the truth here?  The fate of civilization is hanging in the balance!


Whether you realize it or not, you and your friends and the entire world are caught up in a great hurricane of conflicting moral codes, ethical theories, and philosophical doctrines.  And a lot of this confusion is generated by people who do not wish you well.


This entire book is online here.  Each chapter is a separate article on this website.


If you get the e-book, then you can just open the HTML file in your browser.  Or you can open the PDF file to read it, or to print it and get a hardcopy.  And you can load one of the two e-book formats into your Amazon Kindle or other e-reader.  You can do a computer search of the whole book for any word or phrase.


You can not only refer people to this website, you can also send them the link to any chapter or section which discusses a subject which you want them to know about.


The PDF is 217 pages, not counting the Table Of Contents.  There is a lot of material here.  There is a lot to know.  The principles are simple.  But the details are complex.


The world needs your help!  Do your bit!  Then, later on, when things get really rough, you won't have to look back and say that you did nothing, when you should have done something.


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